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About Seattle Speaks

Seattle Channel, Town Hall and CityClub came together to create Seattle Speaks -- a unique, multi-media town hall for the 21st century to create compelling television on surrounding challenging and important issues in Seattle.

Seattle Speaks: Making the Grade
Seattle Speaks: Making the Grade

As the state Legislature defers fully funding public education for yet another year, what are the implications for our schools? Are we on the right path to providing a quality education for all our kids? These were among the questions at Seattle Speaks, a live, community forum at Town Hall Seattle. Host Brian Callanan moderated a panel discussion which ranged from closing the achievement gap to school funding models to addressing education priorities, such as teacher pay and class size. Tune in to hear what elected leaders, education advocates and administrators have to say. Seattle Speaks is presented in partnership with Seattle CityClub and Town Hall Seattle.
State Sen. Michael Baumgartner, (R-6th), Member, Senate Higher Education Committee
Eden Mack, Advocacy/Legislative Chair, Seattle Council PTSA; President, Washington's Paramount Duty
Stephen Nielsen, Deputy Superintendent, Seattle Public Schools
Betty Patu, President, Seattle School Board
State Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos, (D-37th), Chair, House Education Committee 

Front-row guests
Phyllis Campano, President-Elect, Seattle Education Association
Sheila Edwards Lange, Interim President, Seattle Central College; Co-Chair, Seattle Education Summit
Melissa Westbrook, Education Activist, Seattle Schools Community Forum