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Seattle Channel, Town Hall and CityClub came together to create Seattle Speaks -- a unique, multi-media town hall for the 21st century to create compelling television on surrounding challenging and important issues in Seattle.

Seattle Speaks: Wade Into the Waterfront
Seattle Speaks: Wade Into the Waterfront

Local leaders, critics and stakeholders dive into a discussion about plans for a new Seattle waterfront. Learn more about the financial feasibility of the project, the impact a new waterfront could have on traffic congestion, and the public`s top priorities for this major redesign of Seattle`s gateway to Elliott Bay. Host Brian Callanan moderated the live, televised community forum at Town Hall with panelists including Crosscut`s Knute Berger; Bob Donegan, president of Ivar`s Inc; Maggie Walker, co-chair of the Executive Committee of the Central Waterfront Committee; and Marshall Foster, city of Seattle planning director.