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About Seattle Speaks

Seattle Channel, Town Hall and CityClub came together to create Seattle Speaks -- a unique, multi-media town hall for the 21st century to create compelling television on surrounding challenging and important issues in Seattle.

Seattle Speaks: Shaping Seattle Neighborhoods
Seattle Speaks: Shaping Seattle Neighborhoods

It was a packed and lively crowd as residents, City leaders, community activists and building stakeholder came together to discuss how we handle growth and development while maintaining the character and charm of Seattle`s neighborhoods. Hear from activists as they talk about their experiences within their own community. Find out what stakeholders have to say about working collaboratively with the City and residents to create vibrant, dense and livable communities. Host Brian Callanan led the interactive discussion with Seattle City Councilmember Richard Conlin, Vulcan`s Vice President of Real Estate Development Ada M. Healey, South Seattle Crime Prevention Council member Mariana Quarnstrom, Department of Planning and Development Director Diane Sugimura, Fremont Neighborhood Council activist Toby Thaler.