Look, Listen and Learn

A new early learning children’s TV show -- Saturday & Sunday | 8:30 a.m & 2:30 p.m.

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About Look, Listen & Learn

Look, Listen and Learn (LL+L) is a new concept in public access television. As an early learning educational program, LLL helps bridge the achievement gap by featuring local enrichment venues and applying brain development knowledge to foster learning and enhance caregiver-child relationships.

Look, Listen & Learn: World of Poss-Abilities
Look, Listen & Learn: World of Poss-Abilities

What does it mean to have a disability? Auntie Lena teaches Possum about the many types of abilities we all have and why there is strength and beauty in our differences. Join Miss Kesha and Taliyah at Woodland Park Zoo as they read "Frank the Seven-Legged Spider" by Michaele Razi. Then, watch Mr. James show us different ways to make art and sounds at Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery. Finally, Miss Catherine and Alex make pasta and teach skills that young cooks of all abilities can use at Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands.