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Enjoy curated content for older adults including yoga instruction, art projects, and documentary films. AgeWise TV is a production of the Pike Market Senior Center.

AgeWise TV: Episode 104
AgeWise TV: Episode 104

Enjoy curated content for older adults including three art projects and documentary films on Alki and the Space Needle. This video features open captions.

In this episode:

BIMA Art In Action: Site-Specific Artwork with Emma Cantrell: Inspired by artist Andy Goldsworthy, we're making site-specific artwork from the world around us today! Emma Cantrell, BIMA's School & Youth Programs Manager, walks us through a natural sculpture she built from found materials in her yard! 

Documentary film by B.J. Bullert: "Alki Birthplace of Seattle" On a rainy morning in November 1851, the Denny Party landed on the shores of Alki. The arrival of these pioneers marked the beginning of an era that would change the landscape and the lives of Duwamish people forever. This documentary explores the meeting of two cultures from the perspectives of pioneer descendant Brewster Denny and James Rasmussen, a Duwamish descendant. Historian David Buerge weaves together the complex stories of the American settlers seeking to build a new community and the Duwamish who struggled to survive in a rapidly changing world. Sponsored by the Log House Museum. Directed by B. J. Bullert, West Seattle Senior Center member.

BIMA Art In Action: Flag Fold Books with BIMA teaching artist, Becky Johnston: Work on your book folding skills with a new technique--a flag fold book!

Documentary film by B.J. Bullert: "Space Needle at 40." Released on the 40th Anniversary of the Seattle World's Fair, this visual essay explores the relationship between architecture and regional identity. With archival images from her first 40 years, the film presents the Space Needle as the "Grand Lady" in Seattle's skyline whose enduring presence links us to 40 years of living history.  Music composed by Mark O'Connor, Bright Sheng, and Mike Marshall.  Directed by B. J. Bullert, West Settle Senior Center member.  

BIMA Art In Action: Watercolor Leaf Impressions with Emily Browne, BIMA teaching artist: A fun project using leaves to make watercolor prints!