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AgeWise TV: Episode 116
AgeWise TV: Episode 116

Enjoy content for older adults including tips on paper weaving, how to make a baked frittata, and gentle chair yoga. Also, short films on Frederick & Nelson and the hidden history behind the Space Needle's design. This video features open captions.

In this episode:

BIMA Art in Action: Basic Paper Weaving: Emma Cantrell from Bainbridge Island Museum of Arts demonstrates the basics of weaving using paper.

Pike Market Senior Center Cooking: Frittata: Jeannie Falls from the Pike Market Senior Center and Food Bank demonstrates making a simple baked frittata.

Short Film: Frederick and Nelson's Restaurants: This film looks at the restaurants in Seattle's Frederick & Nelson department stores.

Short Film: Space Needle - A Hidden History: This film by B.J. Bullert explores the history of Seattle's iconic Space Needle and the relationship between art, architecture, and the creative imagination.

Gentle Chair Yoga: Annie Stocker from Two Dog Yoga leads a gentle chair yoga practice.

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