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AgeWise TV: Episode 120
AgeWise TV: Episode 120

Enjoy curated content for older adults including tips on how to make sun prints, designing home floral arrangements, creating an herb garden, short films, and mindful meditation. This video features open captions.

In this episode:

BIMA Art In Action From Home - Sun Prints: Bainbridge Island Museum of Art's Emma Cantrell demonstrates making a sun print using inexpensive construction paper.

Backyard Floral Design: Laura Rumpf and Christina Shay demonstrate two ways to create small flower arrangements using plants found in your yard.

Gardening: Container Herb Garden: Dea McKibben Perry demonstrates how to create a kitchen herb garden.

A Walk Through the Washington Park Arboretum - Take a virtual garden discovery walk through the arboretum with Laura Rumpf, a Registered Horticultural Therapist. Filmed in June 2020.

Short Film - Swimming Underground: This illustrated short film by Kathy Ross and Ann Coppel takes you on a journey that dives below the surface of the earth and soars up into the treetops.

Greenwood Senior Center Meditation: Katie Freeman leads a guided mindfulness meditation practice.

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