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Gloria Bornstein, Garden
Seattle's Public Art: Gloria Bornstein, Neototems Children's Garden

Gloria Bornstein, Neototems Children's Garden. The maze garden is a small corner plaza and transitional space for pedestrians passing from the Science Pavilion and the Children's Theater at the Seattle Center -- a mixed-use park. The design of the whale garden is derived from a Salish Indian legend of whales swimming beneath the site, connecting the city`s two major waterways. The centerpiece of the garden is a baby whale tail water feature, part of the artist's sculptural pod of whales installed at the International Fountain area in 1995. Low native plantings, pruned to children's height for safety, are shaped and colored to resemble tidal pools. The garden is a field for the imagination where children can explore and take risks. Produced for the Seattle Channel by John Forsen with support from the Mayor's Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs.

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