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Vicki Scuri, West Galer Flyover
Seattle`s Public Art: Vicki Scuri, West Galer Flyover

Wave Wall is a pattern created using thick rope and tire treads has been pre-cast onto retaining wall panels. The panels, when turned, repeated and laid in a running bond, form a pattern which simultaneously evokes waves, nautical motifs, and the helix of genetic material. Sail Armatures are four custom light fixture brackets which are attached to standard light poles. Fabricated of white-painted bent steel pipe with cross bracing, the arching attachments resemble sails and marine mammals. Lit from below, they will be visible both day and night and will mark the overpass for those passing below, and will also provide a gateway to Magnolia and Interbay. Produced for the Seattle Channel by John Forsen with support from the Mayor`s Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs.

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