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Equitable Communities Initiative Task Force recommendations signed into law
Mayor signs Equitable Communities Initiative Task Force recommendations into law

Following City Council's unanimous vote to lift their proviso, Seattle Mayor Jenny A. Durkan, signs legislation releasing $30 million for investments in recommendations developed by the Equitable Communities Initiative Task Force (ECITF) to help correct disparities impacting the Black, Indigenous and people of color communities. The ECITF directed the largest, self-directed, community-led effort to fund strategies addressing systemic racism in the history of the City of Seattle.   

The legislation will provide $30 million in investments to help communities of color enduring institutional harm including $7.5 million for building opportunity through small business support; $7.5 million for developing diverse and culturally competent educators and education opportunities; $8.8 million for accessing affordable housing, land acquisition and generational wealth; and $6.2 million for improving positive health outcomes.

Speakers include:

Mayor Jenny A. Durkan, City of Seattle

Councilmember Debora Juarez, City of Seattle

Sharon Nyree Williams. Central District Forum

Donna Moodie, Community Development Community Roots Housing

Andrés Mantilla, Department of Neighborhoods, City of Seattle


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