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About Town Square

Town Square is a Seattle Channel series dedicated to connecting people and ideas. With lectures, debates, and forums recorded around the city at places such as Town Hall, the Seattle Public Library, and the Central District Forum of Arts and Ideas, Town Square brings interesting and provocative conversations to cable TV and the web.

Is Seattle Becoming Ungovernable?
Is Seattle Becoming Ungovernable?

Citizens in cities across the United States are rising up in protest, and societal struggles that were already challenging to solve have been exacerbated by the events of this year. Seattle especially has experienced significant unrest, with recall petitions, souring mayor-council relations, calls to defund police, protests at councilmembers' houses, and the US attorney general calling Seattle an "anarchist" city. All of this begs the question: is Seattle becoming ungovernable? Panelists examine the impact of the recent past on local government and consider a way forward. Presented by Seattle University Institute of Public Service and Town Hall Seattle.

Speakers include:

Joni Balter, Journalist

Dr. Larry Hubbell, Professor

Councilmember Debora Juarez, City of Seattle

Bruce Harrell, former Seattle City Council President and Mayor for five days