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Civic Cocktail: AG Bob Ferguson & Secretary of State Kim Wyman
Civic Cocktail: Attorney General Bob Ferguson & Secretary of State Kim Wyman

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson explains his rationale behind 58 lawsuits against the Trump administration. He tells host Joni Balter, "There are many times the administration does something that I think is not the right way to do something." Ferguson's challenges cover a wide range of issues including immigration, environmental protections, 3-D printed guns, the border wall, and DACA. Currently, the Attorney General's office is also investigating possible price gouging related to the coronavirus. Concerns about COVID-19 also have Secretary of State Kim Wyman urging voters not to lick the envelope on their election ballots, as a precaution. And with the state's presidential primary just around the corner, election security is top of mind. Wyman describes it as a race with no end, as security experts keep up with operatives trying new schemes to hack the system. She explains what's being done to keep this state's election firewalls secure.

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