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Witty word plays on Book Lust with author Lizzie Skurnick
Book Lust with Nancy Pearl featuring Lizzie Skurnick

Fidgital. Spamily. Brattle. Nonsense? Not. It's the language of Lizzie Skurnick. Host Nancy Pearl talks to Skurnick about her new book That Should Be a Word. Fidgital - excessively checking one's devices. Spamily - Facebook or Twitter updates about kids. Brattle - to discuss one's children at great length. That Should Be A Word is a compendium of 250 of former New York Times' columnist Skurnick's wittiest wordplays. She is also the editor in chief of Lizzie Skurnick Books, which reissues classic young adult literature. She discusses her efforts to bring back the best in children's and teen lit.

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