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About Video Bebop

Video Bebop hosted by Eva Walker and Cedric DavidWhere have all the music videos gone? For years they've been relegated to YouTube and Vimeo links. But now, thanks to Seattle's Video Bebop, they have a home on your television set.

Hosted by twins Eva Walker and Cedric David of The Black Tones, Video Bebop is a new type of music video show that features new and classic videos from Pacific Northwest artists. Video Bebop is the new music video destination! 

Video Bebop with twin hosts Eva and Cedric Walker! 1/11/20
Video Bebop with twin hosts Eva and Cedric Walker! 1/11/20

Video Bebop is hosted by Eva and Cedric Walker, twins and founders of the illustrious Seattle rock band, The Black Tones! From womb mates to band mates, this dynamic duo showcases music videos, old and new, by bands in and around the Pacific Northwest. From rock to blues to hip-hop to the theatrical, Video Bebop is THE place to enjoy the best of what this region has to offer, served up by Eva and Cedric, two of the region's brightest musical stars! Featured in this episode are Caela Bailey, Tres Leches, Vannah Oh!, Dark Smith, and The Black Tones! 

Videos featured:

"Belltown Crawl" by Caela Bailey

"What Are You Doing" by Tres Leches

"Bear Named Sue" by Vanna Oh!

"Waiting" by Dark Smith

"Ghetto Spaceship" by The Black Tones