Civic Cocktail

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About Civic Cocktail

A civic conversation with a twist, Civic Cocktail occurs the first Wednesday of every month. A panel of pros discusses a range of topics and then the audience poses questions.

Civic CocktailApril Civic Cocktail

When: 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 1
Where: Tom Douglas Palace Ballroom
Register: Seattle CityClub

April will feature Sally ClarkNick Licata and Tom Rasmussen who will take 40 years of experience with them when they leave. These longtime leaders will talk to host Joni Balter about their next steps, why they decided to not seek reelection and the big issues our city faces now.  Also on the show, Seattle Port Commissioner Tom Albro will discuss Port of Seattle issues, including the recent controversial decision to lease space to Shell Oil.

Civic Cocktail: March 2015

Civic Cocktail: March 2015

In a wide-ranging conversation with host Joni Balter, Mayor Ed Murray discussed a variety of city issues including the forthcoming raise to the minimum wage, police reform, the affordable housing crisis, a potential stadium in SoDo and the future of the NBA and NHL in Seattle. What are the high points of Murray's 14 months in office? Plus, a panel of experts weighs in on Gov. Jay Inslee's proposal to address climate change.