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City Inside/Out: Vexed over vaccines
City Inside/Out: Vexed Over Vaccines

We're in a race against time to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine, with more than 1,000 King County deaths so far and a nationwide fatality rate nearing 400,000. Health officials are struggling with the lagging rollout, community resistance and concerns over access for underserved communities in our region. We examine a COVID response that needs a serious shot in the arm.


Frances Nguyen, ICHS Dental Assistant

Michele Roberts, MPH, Acting Assistant Secretary for the Prevention and Community Health, WA Dept. of Health

Alison Eisinger, Exec.Director, Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness 

Roseline Buyeka, ICHS Registered Nurse

Dr. Jeff Duchin, Health Officer, Public Health - Seattle & King County

Dr. Asqual Getaneh, ICHS Chief Medical Officer


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