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Seattle U Conversations: Seattle City Council's six fresh faces
Seattle U Conversations: New City Councilmembers

A new era begins for the Seattle City Council. Six new members represent the largest change to the council in more than a century. And for Rob Saka (D1), Joy Hollingsworth (D3), Maritza Rivera (D4), Cathy Moore (D5), Robert Kettle (D7), and Tanya Woo (Citywide) the list of problems needing urgent attention is daunting. The pressing issues of homelessness, police hiring and response times, and the city’s massive $230 million deficit are immediate concerns. But they also tell hosts Professor Larry Hubbel and Joni Balter other critical items include revitalizing downtown after 2,200 businesses folded following the pandemic, battling graffiti, the need for more affordable housing, and continuing struggles with the King County Regional Housing Authority.

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