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City Council 12/5/23
City Council 12/5/23

Agenda: Call to Order, Roll Call, Presentations; Public Comment; Adoption of the Introduction and Referral Calendar, Approval of the Agenda, Approval of Consent Calendar; Appointment of Cali Mortenson Ellis, as Executive Director of the Seattle Community Police Commission; CB 120714: relating to the transfer of City real property for housing development; CB 120709: relating to City employment, commonly referred to as the Fourth Quarter 2023 Employment Ordinance; CB 120720: relating to City employment; authorizing the execution of a Memorandum of Understanding between The City of Seattle and the Seattle Police Officers’ Guild; Res 32117: relating to the 2023 Housing Levy Oversight Committee; Appointments to the Housing Levy Oversight Committee; Res 32116: relating to the City’s annual budget process; CB 120716: relating to the establishment of a Fiscal Transparency Program; CB 120717: relating to human services contracts; Items removed from the consent calendar; Adoption of other resolutions; Other Business; Adjournment.

Community Stories: We Hereby Refuse: The Akutsu Family Resists

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