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Odd One In: Misfits. Hip Hop. The American Dream.
Odd One In: Misfits. Hip Hop. The American Dream.

Kristin Leong launches the podcast "Odd One In," the "podcast for misfits and unlikely optimists." The debut episode features second-generation Korean American Phillip Lee, who thought he only had two options in life: work for his family’s food truck or keep using drugs until he died. At 24 years old, he found out there was a third option: music.

In addition to a film showcasing the debut episode of the podcast, this program features a conversation with Dr. Daudi Abe, author of "Emerald Street: A History of Hip Hop in Seattle," about Asian representation in hip hop, coming of age, and the American dream and audience Q&A with Leong and Dr. Abe.

Speakers include:

Kristin Leong, "Odd One In" producer & host

Dr. Daudi Abe, author

Mellina White, moderator

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