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More Than a Game: The Role Sports Play in Our Democracy
More Than a Game: The Role Sports Play in Our Democracy

Track star Jesse Owens made history at the 1936 Olympic games when he sprinted his way to win four gold medals and helped the U.S. beat Adolf Hitler's Germany. But racial barriers blocked Owens from receiving the customary congratulation; President Roosevelt refused to meet with him. Muhammad Ali spoke out against the Vietnam War and tennis champ Billie Jean King became an advocate for LGTBQ rights and gender equity after being outed publicly in 1981. Fast-forward to 2016, when the whole world watched Colin Kaepernick, quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, take a knee during the national anthem at the start of NFL games in protest of police brutality. And, just last year, three female high school runners in Connecticut sued to block transgender athletes from participating in girls' sports. Today, student-athletes and some of America's most admired, gifted, and influential athletes and sports teams use their platforms to address social and political issues.

A panel of sports leaders discusses the role they play and the responsibility they hold in our democracy.

This event was presented by Seattle CityClub.

Speakers include:

Maya Mendoza-Exstrom, Seattle Sounders

Karen Wilkins-Mickey, Seattle Seahawks

Mari Horita, Seattle Kraken

Moderated by Omari Salisbury, Converge Media

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