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Online Economic Forum: Realities of inequities created & worsened by COVID
Online Economic Forum: Realities of Inequities Created & Worsened by COVID

Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda, Chair of the Budget Committee, hosts a forum with two panels. The first covers the national economic climate, how the state and federal government are able or not able to address local funding gaps, and what economic recovery looks like during and post COVID-19. The second panel includes community leaders and those with lived experience to talk about COVID-19 impacts on housing homelessness, labor, and small business. 

Speakers include:

Josh Bivens, Research Director, Economic Policy Institute

Lenore Palladino, Assistant Professor of Economics & Public Policy, University of Massachusetts

Shar Habibi, Research & Policy Director, In the Public Interest 

Deric Gruen, Co-Executive Director, Front & Centered

Misha Werschkul, Executive Director, Budget & Policy Center

Michele Thomas, Director of Policy & Advocacy, Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

Shaun Van Eyk, Organizing Representative, ProTec 17

Colleen Echohawk, Executive Director, Chief Seattle Club

Beto Yarce, Executive Director, Ventures Nonprofit

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