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About Video Bebop

Video Bebop hosted by Eva Walker and Cedric DavidWhere have all the music videos gone? For years they've been relegated to YouTube and Vimeo links. But now, thanks to Seattle's Video Bebop, they have a home on your television set.

Hosted by twins Eva Walker and Cedric David of The Black Tones, Video Bebop is a new type of music video show that features new and classic videos from Pacific Northwest artists. Video Bebop is the new music video destination! 

Video Bebop with twin-hosts Eva and Cedric Walker! 2/08/20
Video Bebop with twin-hosts Eva and Cedric Walker! 2/08/20

Join twin-hosts Eva and Cedric Walker as they explore five Northwest music videos showcasing hip-hop, rock, and mop-man costumes. Video Bebop is hosted by Eva and Cedric Walker, twins and founders of the illustrious Seattle rock band, The Black Tones! This episode has fresh music videos from PHNK, Jenn Champion, Dearheart, Warren Dunes, and Smokey Brights!

Videos featured:

"Bad Habit" by PHNK

"Time to Regulate" by Jenn Champion

"Secrets" by Dearheart

"Crosstown Villain" by Warren Dunes

"Different Windows" by Smokey Brights