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Select Budget Committee 11/14/23 Session I
Select Budget Committee 11/14/23 Session I

Agenda: Call To Order; Approval of the Agenda; Voting Process Overview; Approval of Consent Calendar (Items 1-16); Items Removed from the Consent Calendar; Res 32114: Intent to fund the Seattle City Employees’ Retirement System; CB 120683: relating to contracting indebtedness; CB 120679: relating to funding from non-City sources; CB 120685: relating to the electric system of The City of Seattle; CB 120690: Seattle Parks and Recreation Interlocal Agreement between The City of Seattle and the Seattle Park District; CB 120706: relating to the regulation of network companies; CB 120689: relating to deductions from the payroll expense tax; CB 120707: renaming the Community Safety and Communications Center to the Community Assisted Response and Engagement Department; CB 120705: amending the 2023 Budget, including the 2023-2028 Capital Improvement Program (CIP); CB 119950: relating to taxation - payroll expense tax rates; CB 120708: adopting a budget, including a capital improvement program and position modifications, for The City of Seattle for 2024; and creating positions exempt from civil service; Other Budget Legislation: Update on Seattle Revenue Stabilization Work Group Options and Additional Budget Related Legislation (Track 2 Legislation).

Continues in the afternoon session.


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