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City Council 9/16/19
City Council 9/16/19

Agenda: Adoption of the Introduction and Referral Calendar; Approval of the Agenda; Presentations; Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CB 119554: relating to employment in Seattle; CB 119556: relating to employment in Seattle; CB 119557: relating to employment in Seattle; CB 119555: relating to employment in Seattle; Res 31907: in support of youth-led Global Climate Strike; CB 119623: relating to City employment; CB 119624: relating to City employment; Appointments and Reappointments; CB 119626: relating to City employment; CB 119642: relating to City emergency purchases of goods and services; CB 119629: related to appropriations for the Human Services Department; CB 119641: relating to property at Sand Point; CB 119643: relating to property at Mercer Street and Second Avenue North; Res 31905: Physical Development Management Plan for Sand Point; Res 31902: Protecting trees and tree canopy cover; Appointments; CB 119597: relating to land use and zoning; CB 119608: relating to City-owned property at 702 Roy Street; CB 119609: relating to City-owned properties in South Lake Union; CB 119561: vacating an alley in Block 1, Witt's Addition; CB 119610: vacating a portion of Armory Way; CB 119604: Green New Deal; Res 31903: relating to procurement and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; Res 31899: thermal energy exchange system proposed by Onni DEU LLC. 


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