2014/2015 Transportation Committee

Transportation Committee 2/25/2014
Transportation Committee 2/25/2014
Agenda: Regional Transportation Committee Reports, Alley Vacations, West Duwamish Trail project, Bridging the Gap Annual Report and SDOT Director`s Report.
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Transportation Committee - Lunch and Learn 12/16/15

Agenda: Interstate 5 Lid Vision, American Freeway Lids, Public comment.

Transportation Committee 12/8/15

Agenda: Acorn Development vacation petition, Washington State Convention Center, Vacating West Seattle Area, SDOT Director's Report.

Transportation Committee 11/24/15

Agenda: 5th Avenue subterranean vacation, Swedish Health Services skybridge, Vacating South Lake Union Property, Public art installation, Bicycle counter display, Vacating West Seattle Property (Postponed), Traffic Incident Management Systems, Transit Master Plan Update, Madison Bus Rapid Transit, Lidding I-5 Near Wash. St. Convention Center Expansion, Vacation of South Lake Union property, Vacation of Belltown property, Public Content.

Transportation Committee 9/22/15

Agenda: Vacation Petition, State Route 520, Permits for limited movement vehicles, Traffic incident management improvements, Duwamish Waterway Corridor Action Report, SDOT Director’s Report.

Joint Transportation Committee/Town Hall 9/16/15

A Joint Meeting of the Town Hall Committee and Transportation Committee.  Public Hearing on RES 31611- State Route 520, Interstate 5 to Medina Bridge Replacement and High Occupancy Vehicle Project; recognizing the completion of a design refinements effort and a recommendations report for the west side portion of the project and recommending actions by the City of Seattle and State of Washington based on results of this effort.

Transportation Committee 9/11/15

Agenda: Appointments to Boards, Open space improvements, State Route 520, Heavy Haul Network Legislation, Freight Master Plan Update.

Transportation Committee 8/13/15

Agenda: Vacation Petition, Denny Substation, Don't Block the Box, Traffic Incident Management.

Transportation Committee - Special Meeting 7/30/15

Public hearings on CF 313195 vacation petition and CF 314305 Council Concept Approval of development standards to allow development of the Denny Substation.

Transportation Committee 7/28/15

Agenda: Appointments to Committees and Boards, Vacation Petition, Denny Substation, SDOT Director's Report.

Transportation Committee 7/14/15

Agenda: Pedestrian Master Plan Implementation project, Access Seattle Update, Public Space Management Update.

Transportation Committee 6/23/15

Agenda: Public Comment, SDC Skybridge, GID Development Group, SDOT Director's Report.

Transportation Committee - Special Meeting 6/5/15

Agenda: Public Comment, Seashore Transportation Reports, Planning for North Seattle, SR 522 and SR 523 Transportation Issues.

Transportation Committee 5/29/15

Agenda: Public Comment, East Denny Owner, LLC, Mercer West project, SDOT Director's Report.

Transportation Committee 5/12/15

Agenda: Public Comment and 2015 Budget.

Transportation Committee 4/28/15

Agenda: Public Comment, Appointments for Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board and Bridging the Gap Levy Oversight Committee, Bridging the Gap Annual Report, Budget Green Sheet, Route 99 Overturned Tractor Trailer, SDOT Director's Report.

Transportation Committee 4/14/15

Agenda: Public Comment, Appointment for Seattle School Traffic Safety Committee, Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board, Seattle Freight Advisory Board, Capital Improvement Program, Bicycle Master Plan, Freight Master Plan and Freight Access Project.

Transportation Committee 3/24/15

Agenda: Public Comment, Reappointments for Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board, 2014 Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board Report, Columbia Center Property, First Hill Public Realm Action Plan, SDOT Women and Minority-Owned Business Enterprises (WMBE) Program, SDOT Director's Report.

Transportation Committee 3/10/15

Agenda: Public Comment, Vacating Delridge Way Southwest, Move Seattle, Streetcar Update

Transportation Committee 2/24/15

Agenda: Public Comment, First Hill Streetcar project, Acorn Development, Eco District, Vacating Terry Avenue, Creation of Seattle Transit Advisory Board, SDOT Director's Report.

Transportation Committee 2/10/15
Agenda: Public Comment, Appointments for Seattle School Traffic Safety Committee, Authorizing full block reconstruction of 8th Avenue North, Authorizing execution of an amendment, Resolution creating a Seattle Transit Advisory Board, Relating to the Seattle Transportation Benefit District.
Transportation Committee 1/27/15

Agenda: Public Comment, Accepting various deeds and limited purpose easements for sidewalk or alley purposes, Relating to the Transit Corridor Improvements project, Relating to the Seattle Transportation Benefit District.

Transportation Committee 1/13/15

Agenda: Reappointments, reconstruction of 8th Avenue North, free-floating car sharing pilot program.

Transportation Committee 12/9/14

Agenda: Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board, Seattle Freight Advisory Board, Lambda Association of Gamma Phi Beta permission to maintain and operate a skybridge, SR 519 Project, Speight Jenkins Way, E. Howe Street Subterranean Vacation, Pedestrian Mobility in Construction Areas, SR 99 Incident Response After-Action Plan.

Transportation Committee 9/23/2014
Agenda: Public Comment, Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board Appointments and Reappointments, Relating to the Seattle Department of Transportation, Related to the redevelopment of Yesler Terrace, Relating to City-owned property under the jurisdiction of the SDOT, Authorizing the sale at fair market value of certain surplus property, Authorizing the Director of the SDOT on behalf of the City of Seattle, Relating to the Seattle Streetcar System, Relating to communication cabinets in public places, SR 520 West Side Design, SDOT Director`s Report.
Transportation Committee - Special Meeting - 9/10/2014
Agenda: Impact Fees 101, Public Comment.
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