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Marita Dingus: Assembling a New Art of the African Diaspora
Marita Dingus with Gary Faigin

Born and raised on her family’s 7-acre ranch in Auburn, Washington, African American sculptor Marita Dingus has been exhibiting her artwork locally and internationally for over 30 years. Working almost exclusively with found objects of every possible variety, Dingus’s work is a commentary on the enslavement of African people, recycling, and the politics of poverty. Her signature African-inflected figures of all sizes have become a familiar sight in the region, having been shown at galleries, museums, outdoor installations, and even on the walls of Town Hall Seattle, where her piece “Woman as the Creator” can be viewed on the 1st Floor. Gary Faigin talks with her about her long career and where she plans to go from here.

Speakers include:
Marita Dingus, Sculptor
Gary Faigin, Gage Academy of Art
Joan Beard, Photographer

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