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Seattle University Conversations: Anxiety Overload
Seattle University Conversations: Anxiety Overload

Mental health professionals agree the pandemic triggered heightened levels of anxiety and stress for many Americans. And when you add growing public safety concerns along with the loss of reproductive rights for women, feelings of anxiety, and even depression, have intensified for many. University of Washington pulmonologist and public health expert, Dr. Vin Gupta says his patients constantly ask, will the pandemic ever end? And with social media and cable TV, Gupta says providing a factual representation of reality is difficult, “As a result, you have that sensationalistic way in which information is communicated that is driving anxiety, in my opinion.” Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz points to the dramatic rise in violent crime, saying “We’ve seen a massive increase in people picking up a gun and using a gun in the community. We’ve seen increases in road rage. So, I think this is a pandemic issue.” Seattle City Councilmember Sara Nelson says the reduction of reproductive healthcare for women is only adding to societal stress, “We’re no longer on the slippery slope, we’re tumbling down the mountain, maybe we’ve been pushed off the cliff when it comes to, what other rights can be taken away?” 

Presented by Seattle University's Institute of Public Service. 

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