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Georgetown Morgue, giving more than thrills & chills since 2009
Georgetown Morgue, giving more than thrills & chills since 2009

Georgetown Morgue's haunted house goes all out with live actors wearing detailed costumes, complete with prosthetics, makeup, and props to up the fright and fun factor. Alongside the terror, the organizers are supporting Food Lifeline by collecting food donations. By bringing four cans of food, thrill-seeking visitors can get a discounted ticket and help give back to the community.

The Morgue was built in 1928 and was a funeral home, mortuary, and crematory for decades. Thousands of funerals and cremations took place there; at one point, the facility cremated 100 bodies per day. Even that backstory is enough to create a hair-raising experience, but according to their website, the Georgetown Morgue alleges an even more spine-chilling history. Creepy claims include mysterious deaths, stolen corpses, and a horrifying massacre. Whether this is true or not, this backdrop definitely ups the fear factor!


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