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Art Zone presents: An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe
Art Zone with Nancy Guppy 10/23/20

This one-man show, featuring actor Bradford Farwell in the title role, tells the true story of Edgar Allan Poe's ambitious idea to launch a literary magazine called "The Stylus" that would exclusively feature the work of American writers. In 1849, a publishing house in St Louis told Poe that if he could persuade 1000 people to subscribe to "The Stylus" they would publish the magazine. With that incentive, Poe travelled to cities and towns along the east coast, offering his literary opinions and performing his poems and stories in hopes of convincing his audience to subscribe, at forty cents a month for one year, to "The Stylus." This performance was recorded at the Rendezvous's Jewelbox Theater in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood.

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An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe

Rendezvous's Jewelbox Theater 


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