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Graphic novel, 'We Are Not Strangers,' tells cross-cultural history of Seattle
Town Square: “We Are Not Strangers”
Author and illustrator Josh Tuininga discusses his graphic novel, “We Are Not Strangers,” based on the true story of his family’s experiences during World War II. The illustrated work of historical fiction follows a Sephardic Jewish immigrant’s efforts to help his Japanese neighbors in Seattle’s Central District when they were forced into incarceration due to Executive Order 9066. Tuininga joins Dr. Devin E. Naar and Tom Ikeda in conversation at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park. Event produced by Third Place Books.
Speakers include:
Josh Tuininga, Author, Illustrator and Designer
Dr. Devin E. Naar, Associate Professor of History, University of Washington
Tom Ikeda, Founder, Densho
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