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Seattle is mosaic of cultures and diverse communities, with an endless supply of inspiring tales to share. Community Stories presents this rich tapestry -- the people, the neighborhoods, the communities, relevant issues, cultural traditions and rich histories that make each of us unique. Learn more about your neighbors on Community Stories.

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Community Stories: An Elegant Utility – Building Across Generations
Community Stories: An Elegant Utility – Building Across Generations

Using everyday 20th century artifacts from his grandfather's life -- a paint can, family photographs, legal ledgers, and old magazines -- artist and filmmaker Inye Wokoma delves into his past exhibition, "An Elegant Utility," at Northwest African American Museum. Wokoma captured the enduring legacy of an African-American family's daily life in Seattle's gentrifying Central District. He examines the ways his family navigated the political landscapes of the times by learning and building in the trades and how others in his family's orbit continue to influence and empower people across the community.