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Family-run Viet-Wah supermarket closes its doors
CityStream: Viet-Wah Closes Its Doors

The family-run Viet-Wah supermarket has anchored Seattle’s Little Saigon neighborhood for more than four decades, providing Vietnamese cuisine staples like fish and oyster sauce, rice vermicelli, pickled vegetables, seasoning, spices, and more. To many of the store’s longtime customers, Viet-Wah was not only a grocer, but a destination and a reminder of home. Late last month, Viet-Wah’s owners and staff said goodbye to longtime customers and closed their doors, citing a looming redevelopment of the property, pandemic-related woes, and ongoing public safety issues. The Tran family, who started Viet-Wah, plans to focus on the store’s Renton location. 

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