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To learn more about these animals and others looking for their forever home, visit the Seattle Animal Shelter.

Meet Saaya, CityStream's pet of the week
CityStream Pet of the Week: Saaya

Meet Saaya, the type of cat who demands attention - in the nicest possible way. After overcoming initial shyness with strangers, she is a confident and curious kitty who holds her plume of a tail at full mast. She is friendly, gentle, and very affectionate. Pet her and she will rub against you for more or flop down and roll over in delight. Playtime is important to this young girl, and she is particularly enticed by anything that waves in the air or skitters across the floor. During quieter times Saaya likes to snuggle near you. She has a soothing purr and can carry on a good conversation. She is a neat kitty who has always lived indoors and is a pro with her scratching post. A moderately active household would suit her well. Saaya previously enjoyed a cat companion and might do well with another friendly feline. She eats a hydrolyzed protein diet to keep her healthy. Learn more at the Seattle Animal Shelter.

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