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Will the city help pave the way for a new SoDo arena?
City Inside/Out: Arena Future?

On May 2, the Seattle City Council will vote whether or not to close one block on Occidental Avenue in SoDo to construct a new arena. Supporters say investor Chris Hansen needs the street vacation to make his project shovel ready, and claim the city will ultimately benefit from more sports teams, new open space and traffic safety measures. Critics, however, argue the arena wastes taxpayer funds and will increase congestion, hurting freight mobility and jobs at the nearby Port of Seattle. Will the city pave the way for a new arena? Or bench the effort?

On the show:
Tom Albro, Commissioner, Port of Seattle (studio)
Mark Brands, Managing Principal, Site Workshop
Peter Goldman, Attorney, ILWU (studio)
Rob Johnson, Seattle City Council (studio)
Brian Robinson, Site Manager, Sonics Rising (studio)
Cleve Stockmeyer, Attorney

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