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The uncertain future of Pronto's bike-share program
City Inside/Out: Saving Pronto?

A year after its launch, Seattle's bike-sharing program is in deep trouble and without city dollars will shut down in March. Should the city spend $1.4 million to bail out Pronto, the nonprofit that manages the program? Or should the bike-rental venture be left to fail? Why hasn't it taken off as predicted? Supporters say Pronto is worth saving and will eventually succeed if allowed to expand across the city. However, critics argue it's a failing proposition and the city should avoid getting taken for a ride.

On the show:
Suzie Burke, Fremont Business Owner
Nicole Freedman, Chief of Active Transportation, City of Seattle
Tom Fucoloro, Founder, Seattle Bike Blog
Mike O'Brien, Seattle City Council
Phyllis Porter, Rainier Valley Greenways

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