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Will the 'Grand Bargain' address Seattle's housing crisis?
City Inside/Out: Affordable Housing Plan

In response to rising rents and an affordable housing shortage in Seattle, city leaders have forged a "Grand Bargain" between developers, low-income advocates and other stakeholders to address the housing crisis. The Seattle City Council is now working on new legislation to create 20,000 more affordable housing units in the next decade. Will new developer fees solve the problem? Why are some neighborhoods concerned about the plan to change zoning rules across the city?

On the show:
Linda Alexander, Eastlake Activist
John Fox, Citizens Alliance for Limited Growth
Mike O'Brien, Seattle City Council
Faith Pettis, Co-Chair, HALA Committee
Bill Rumpf, President, Mercy Housing Northwest
Scott Shapiro, President, ERV Realty
Roger Valdez, Director, Smart Growth Seattle

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