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City Inside/Out: Chief Concerns
City Inside/Out: Chief Concerns
After a tumultuous tenure as chief of the Seattle Police Department, John Diaz stepped down this month and Assistant Chief Jim Pugel took the helm as interim chief. How will Pugel`s leadership style differ, and what challenges will he face? How will the Department of Justice`s consent decree and the Seattle mayoral race impact his tenure? We go one-on-one with the interim chief and hear from several community leaders, including Kip Tokuda of the Seattle Community Police Commission, Rev. Harriet Walden of Mothers for Police Accountability, James Bible of the NAACP, Jaime Garcia of the Minority Executive Directors Coalition`s Multiracial Taskforce on Police Accountability, Jennifer Shaw of the ACLU of Washington, and Rich O`Neill of the Seattle Police Officers` Guild. Don`t miss the season finale of City Inside/Out!
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