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City Inside/Out: Redistricting: redrawing Seattle's political lines
City Inside/Out: Redistricting

Seattle has grown rapidly - but unevenly - over the past decade, and has till November to redraw its political lines, to ensure the population of the seven districts is within a 1% range. Starkly, District 7 encompassing Queen Anne and downtown must shed 18,063 residents while District 5 in North Seattle must gain 6,186 residents. Find out how you can weigh in on the new Seattle City Council district map and impact the upcoming 2023 city council elections!


Mayor Greg Nickels, Commissioner, Seattle Redistricting Commission 

E.J. Juárez, Chair, Seattle Redistricting Commission

César Garcia, Lake City Collective (District 5) 

Paula Mueller, Chair, Queen Anne Community Council (District 7) 

Elsa Batres-Boni, Seattle Redistricting Process Liaison

For more information about the Seattle Redistricting Commission, including mapping tools, visit

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