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City Inside/Out looks at state's controversial flavored vape ban
City Inside/Out: Vape Ban Controversy

In response to a recent spike in youth vaping and lung illnesses, Washington state has banned the sale of flavored vapes for four months. But are they connected? Will the ban do more harm than good? Should state lawmakers make the ban permanent next year? We clear the air as the vaping controversy heats up.

In this show:

Joshua Baba, General Manager, Galaxy Vapor

Sarah Ross-Viles, Former Director, Tobacco Studies Program, UW

Julie Anderson, Manager, eCig n' Vape

Dr. Susan Collins, Co-Director, HaRRT Center

Karen Demaree, Parent    

Erin Edwards, Parent    

Clint Pettee, Co-owner, River Reserve

Olive Smith, Anti-vaping activist 

The WA State Dept. of Health has a hotline and app to help the public quit smoking and vaping. For more information, visit here.

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