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About Book Lust with Nancy Pearl

Seattle's own "action figure librarian," best-selling author, and literary critic Nancy Pearl sits down each month with authors, poets, and other literary figures for conversations about books, reading, and the process and art of writing. There's no one better qualified than Nancy, who brings an informed reader's perspective to lively conversation and in-depth dialogs about all things literary.

Nancy Pearl, author of the best-selling "Book Lust" series, creator of the internationally recognized program "If All of Seattle Read the Same Book" (which became "Seattle Reads"), and model for the world-famous Archee McPhee "Librarian Action Figure," is host of Book Lust with Nancy Pearl on the Seattle Channel.

Book Lust with Nancy Pearl Featuring Charles Finch
Book Lust with Nancy Pearl Featuring Charles Finch

Charles Finch, a well-known and award-winning literary critic, is also the author of a series of mystery novels set in Victorian England featuring the gentleman detective Charles Lenox. But his new book, "What Just Happened: Notes on a Long Year," is an intimate nonfiction account of 2020, from COVID-19 to racial reckoning to the U.S. presidential election and more. Finch joins Nancy Pearl to discuss their favorite books, the challenges of writing, and their mutual love of country music.