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Talented performance artist Susan Lieu curates this week's Art Zone calendar
Art Zone calendar 1/23/20

Curated by solo artist Susan Lieu, this week's calendar includes writer Isabel Allende and her latest novel "A Long Petal of the Sea" at Town Hall Seattle; "The Actors' Gang-The New Colossus," written by The Actor' Gang Ensemble and Tim Robbins, plays at the Moore Theatre; Wing Luke Museums newest exhibit "Where Beauty Lies"; and Susan's one woman show "Over 140 LBS," the story of her mother's death from plastic surgery malpractice, at ACT.
Created by Chris Barnes

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Writer Isabel Allende at Town Hall Seattle

"The Actors' Gang-The New Colossus" production at the Moore Theatre

"Where Beauty Lies" exhibit at Wing Luke Museum 

Susan Lieu's show "Over 140 LBS" at ACT Theatre 

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