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Waves, weird video & Whitney Mongé on Art Zone with Nancy Guppy
Art Zone with Nancy Guppy 2/22/19

Photographer Deb Achak takes pictures that pack a glorious and sensual punch. Something Weird Video is alive and well thanks to artist Lisa Petrucci's commitment to her late husband's vision. Emma Lai, a Cornish College of the Arts sophomore, choreographs a beautiful short film on the shore of Lake Sammamish. "American Junkie" gets its theatrical world premiere at Book-It Repertory Theatre. Whitney Mongé brings her rock-and-soul sound to the Georgetown Stables stage. And Angie Louise, frontwoman for The Love Markets, curates a calendar chock-a-block full of arty delights! 

Clips from Blood Feast, Scum of the Earth, Something Weird, She Devils on Wheels, Bad Girls Go to Hell, Another Day Another Man Courtesy of Jimmy Maslon.

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