Full Council

Full Council of 3/30/15
Full Council

Agenda: Public Comment, City Light Department, Trade Promotion Authority, Land use and zoning, Unsheltered homelessness, Homeless shelters development, Easements for electrical rights, Alaskan Way Seawall Replacement Project.


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Full Council 3/27/2017

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, CB 118932: authorizing Seattle Public Utilities to amend the contract with Waste Management, Res 31739: expressing the City of Seattle's commitment to being a more age-friendly city, Appointments and Reappointments to the Urban Forestry Commission, CF 314331: rezone application of Mariner on Republican , CB 118934: relating to land use and zoning, Appointments and Reappointments to the Seattle Planning Commission.

Full Council 3/20/2017

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, Committee Reports, CB 118921: establishing a Seattle Renters' Commission, CB 118926 and 118927: Mercy Housing, Reappointments to the Landmarks Preservation Board, Appointments to the Labor Standards Advisory Commission and Seattle Arts Commission.

Full Council 3/13/2017

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, CF 314115: rezone at 743 N. 35th Street, CB 118928: relating to land use and zoning at 743 N. 35th Street, Res 31738: Equality Act, Appointments and reappointments, CB 118923: relating to Sound Transit, CB 118924: deeds for street or alley purposes, Appointments and reappointments to Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board.

Full Council 3/6/2017

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, CB 118893: relating to land use and zoning, CB 118620: relating to the West Seattle Stadium, Reappointments, CB 118915: relating to the Office of Labor Standards.

Full Council 2/27/2017

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, Res 31735: 2017 Work Program, CB 118919: appropriations for Human Services Dept., Appointments and Reappointments, CB 118904: appropriations for the Seattle IT Dept., Appointments and Reappointments.

Full Council 2/21/2017

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, CB 118914: relating to land use and zoning, Res 31732: recognizing the University District Urban Design Framework, Res 31733: requesting evaluation of residential displacement, Res 31734: adopting Statements of Legislative Intent, CB 118916: relating to the financing of affordable housing, CB 118917: relating to the City Treasury, Appointments to the Landmark Preservation Board and Seattle Park District, CB 118912: relating to the City Light Department and the Department of Parks and Recreation, CB 118903: relating to Seattle Public Utilities, Appointment to Seattle Women's Commission, Res 31736: relating to the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation, Appointment to Seattle Park District Community Oversight Committee, Res 31737: requesting Congress to allocate funding to adequately address the maintenance needs of the National Park System.

Full Council 2/13/2017

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, Committee Reports, CB 118910: relating to City employment, CB 118909: relating to fees and charges for permits and activities of the Department of Construction and Inspections.

Full Council Special Meeting 2/7/2017

Full Council


Presentations, Public Comment, CB 118905: relating to divesting from Wells Fargo Bank, CF 314368: documents relating to Wells Fargo Bank, Res 31731: Mount Baker McClellan Street Redevelopment Opportunity Zone, Appointments and Reappointments.

Full Council 1/30/2017

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, Res 31730: affirming the City of Seattle as a Welcoming City,  Committee Reports, CB 118901: relating to the City Light Department, CB 118853: relating to environmentally critical area regulations and the State Environmental Protection Act, CB 118895: relating to Seattle Public Utilities, Appointments and Reappointments, CB 118899: relating to the City's traffic code, CB 118900: relating to the city's criminal code, CB 118894: modifying the use of the open space improvements, CB 118896: amending the Seattle Municipal Code, CB 118897: easements.

Full Council 1/23/2017

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment and Committee Reports.

Full Council 1/17/2017

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, CB 118870: City's Tolt Water Transmission Pipeline right-of-way , Appointments to the Seattle Music Commission and Seattle Human Rights Commission.

Full Council Special Meeting 1/11/2017

Agenda: Res 31726: Relating to Water System Improvement and Refunding Revenue Bonds, Res 31727: Repealing Res 31708, Res 31728: Relating to Municipal Light and Power Revenue Bonds.

Full Council 1/9/2017

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, Payment of Bills, Committee Reports, Appt 00561 & Appt 00562: Seattle Municipal Court Judge Appointments, Appt 00564: Reappointment of Sam Pailca as a member of the Public Safety Civil Service Commission, CB 118887: relating to City employment and the "Fourth Quarter 2016 Employment Ordinance," CB 118888: relating to the sale of City property at 12705 30th Ave Northeast for multifamily development, CB 118889: authorizing the Director of Finance to extend and modify a lease agreement between The City and KBS SOR Central Building, LLC, Appt 00533: Appointment of Steven Treffers as a member of the Landmarks Preservation Board.

Full Council 1/3/2017

Agenda: Public Comment, Payment of Bills, CB 118880: acquiring property at 4451 33rd Ave W, Appt 00555: appointing Vaughnetta J. Barton to the Seattle Public Library Board of Trustees.

Full Council Special Meeting 12/16/2016

Agenda: Public Comment, Appointments and Reappointments, Res 31725: recognizing significant contributions to support homeless services in the City of Seattle, CB 118875: authorizing funding from non-City sources, CB 118874: amending the adoption of the 2016 Budget, CB 118882: relating to the 2016 Budget, CB 118881: relating to housing and the First in Time provision, CF 314239: relating to a full unit lot subdivision application, CB 118876: approving and confirming the "Fremont on the Ave" plat, CB 118869: relating to Seattle Public Utilities, CB 118873: adding "Queer" to the name of the Seattle LGBT commission, CB 118878: relating to Seattle Public Utilities and the City of Kenmore, CB 118854: relating to land use and zoning, CB 118799, CB 118879, & CB 118800: relating to the City Light Department, CB 118790 & CB 118791: relating to the Seattle Department of Transportation.

Full Council 12/12/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, CB 118817: relating to residential rental properties and move-in fees and deposits, CB 118871: relating to the Department of Parks and Recreation and the Office of the Waterfront, Appt 00531: the Appointment of David A. Goldberg as a member of the Seattle Planning Commission, CB 118872: vacating the alley in Block 14, CB 118789: vacating the remaining north forty feet of the alley in Block 18, CB 118792: relating to street and sidewalk use and the Play Street program, Appt 00554: the Appointment of Sandy Wolf as a member of the Ballard Avenue Landmark District Board, Res 31724: reaffirming Seattle's values of inclusion, respect, and justice, and the City's commitment toward actions to reinforce these values.

Full Council 11/28/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, Res 317223: setting forth the City of Seattle's 2017 State Legislative Agenda, CB 118859: relating to the historic preservation of the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Garfield Exchange, CB 118860: relating to the historic preservation of Volunteer Park, CB 118861: relating to the historic preservation of the University Heights School, CB 118863: relating to funding policies for the Homelessness Prevention and Housing Stability Services Program, Res 31722: relating to the 2016 Housing Levy Oversight Committee, Appointments and Reappointments.

Full Council 11/21/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, items relating to the 2017/2018 Proposed Budget and 2017-2022 Proposed Capital Improvement Program.  CB 118842, CB 118843, CF 314360, CF 314361, CB 118827, CB 118829, CB 118830, CB 118855, CB 118847, CB 118848, CB 118838, CB 118836, CB 118835, CB 118841, CB 118850, CB 118844, CB 118834, Res 31718, CB 118864, CB 118826, CB 118840, CB 118825, CB 118833, CB 118845, CB 118831, CB 118832, Res 31717, Res 31720, CB 118856, CB 118846, CB 118839, CB 118837, CB 118851, CF 314362, CB 118849, Res 31719.

Full Council 11/14/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, Res 31721: city's Disaster Recovery Framework, CF 31485 and CB 118857: Valley Street Townhomes.

Full Council 11/07/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, CB 118823: relating to the execution of a collective bargaining agreement between the City of Seattle and the Seattle Parking Enforcement Officers' Guild, and CB 118824: relating to the sick leave cash-out upon retirement for the Assistant Fire Chief.

Full Council 10/31/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, CB 118798: Relating to Seattle City Light and the California ISO's Energy Imbalance Market.

Full Council 10/24/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, Labor Standards Advisory Commission Appointment.

Full Council 10/17/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, Payment of Bills, Res 31713: Relating to Urban Migratory Bird Treaty, Res 31715: Supporting Washington Initiative Measure 735, Res 31716: Relating to the Roanoke/R.H. Thomson Expressway, CB: 118817 Relating to Residential Rental Properties, CB 118683: Amending the Seattle Comprehensive Plan.

Full Council 10/10/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, Payment of Bills, CB 118798: Relating to City Light, CB 118802: Relating to sale of electricity, Res 31714: Climate Action Plan.

Full Council 10/3/2016

Full Council


Agenda: CB 118747: Ballard Parking and Business Improvement Area, CB 118748: West Seattle Junction Parking and Business Improvement Area, CB 118770: Mount Baker Park Presbyterian Church,  CB 118804: City employment, CB 118812: Third Quarter 2016 Employment Ordinance, CB 118814: Federal Center South Complex, Capitol Hill Housing Improvement Program Council Appointment, Seattle Youth Commission Appointments, CB 118776: Seattle Fuel Gas Code, CB 118777: Seattle Plumbing Code, CB 118778:  Seattle Existing Building Code, CB 118779: Seattle Energy Code, CB 118780: Seattle Residential Code, CB 118781: Seattle Building Code, CB 118782:  Seattle Mechanical Code, CB 118783:  Living Building Pilot Program, CB 118771: appropriations for the Office of Arts & Culture, CB 118760: Ship Canal Water Quality Project, CB 118805: recyclable paper bags, CB 118806: University Village, Res 31712: Green Jobs.