Full Council

Full Council of 3/30/15
Full Council

Agenda: Public Comment, City Light Department, Trade Promotion Authority, Land use and zoning, Unsheltered homelessness, Homeless shelters development, Easements for electrical rights, Alaskan Way Seawall Replacement Project.


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Full Council 8/15/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, Payment of Bills, Res 31695: City of Seattle Initiative Measure 124, CB 118754: Relating to Seattle Sister Cities, CB 118736: Related to land use and zoning, Appointments to Pike Place Market Historical Commission, CB 118739 and CB 118740: Relating to solid waste rates and taxes, CB 118745: Relating to grants from non-City sources, Appointments and reappointments to Seattle Commission for People with Disabilities and Seattle Music Commission, Res 31694: Strategic Business Plan Update, Res 31697: alley vacation, Res 31698: Related to North Precinct.

Full Council 8/8/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, Payment of Bills, Res 31690: Designation of Ernestine Anderson Way, CB 118755: Relating to Open Housing Ordinance, CF 314315 and CB 118750: Relating to rezoning on Dexter Ave N, CB 118675: Relating to rezoning in Lake City Urban Village, Res 31682: Comprehensive Plan amendments, CB 118731: historic preservation of The Theodora, CB 118737, Res 31688, Res 31689: Seattle City Employees' Retirement System, CF 314304: Swedish Health alley vacation, Res 31681: Equity and Environment agenda, CB 118732: Relating to city streets, CB 118733: Relating to Sound Transit, CB 118725: Relating to Dept of Parks and Recreation.

Full Council 8/1/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, Payment of Bills, Res 31685 and 31686: Ballard Parking and Business Improvement Area, Res 31687: West Seattle Junction Parking and Business Improvement Area, CB 118746: related to human rights, CB 118719: related to Municipal Arts Fund, Appointments and reappointments to Seattle Commission for People with Disabilities, Seattle Arts Commission, and Seattle Women's Commission.

Full Council 7/25/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Presentations, Public Comment, Payment of Bills, CF 314352: Report of the City Clerk, Res 31683: voter-proposed Initiative Measure, Res 31678: City Light Strategic Plan, Appointment to Office of Intergovernmental Relations, CB 118712: relating to for-hire industry, Appointment to Families and Education Levy Oversight Committee, CB 118715: Business License Tax Certificate Fee, CB  118716: Business License Tax rates, CB 118726: Mercer Arena, CB 118730: Central Waterfront Project, CB 118735: Westlake Park and Occidental Square, CB 118674: Bitter Lake Village Hub Urban Village, CB 118721: Next Generation Intelligent Transportation System, CB 118723: Department of Transportation surplus, CB 118724: Easements, CB 118734 Greenwood public art

Full Council 7/18/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, Payment of Bills, CB 118728: Relating to City employment, CB118727: Relating to Seattle Music Commission, Appointments to Seattle Human Rights Commission and Pike Place Market Historical Commission, Adoption of Other Resolutions and Other Business

Full Council 7/11/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, Payment of Bills, Res 31680: Swedish Health Services vacation, CB 118718: 2016 Budget, CB 118713: Pacific Place Garage sale, CB118717: City's Limited Tax General Obligation Improvement and Refunding Bonds, Appointments and Reappointments to Seattle Design Review Board.

Full Council 7/5/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, Payment of Bills, City Light purchase for Boundary Hydroelectric Project, other resolutions.

Full Council 6/27/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Appointments to Seattle Human Rights Commission, high quality locally produced broadcast news, Seattle Police Department overtime usage and progress reports, responsible police gun procurement, Seattle Transportation Benefit District.

Full Council 6/21/2016

Agenda: issuance and sale of the bonds.

Full Council 6/20/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Ethics Code, collective bargaining agreements, First Quarter 2016 Employment Ordinance, appurtenances necessary for water utility purposes, appurtenances necessary for drainage and wastewater utility purposes, Appointments, coin-operated telescopes.

Full Council 6/13/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Appointments, Living Building Pilot Program, retirement security crisis, Fair Housing Act.

Full Council 6/9/2016

Full Council


Special meeting for the purpose of participating in the Cascadia Rising Earthquake Exercise.

Full Council 6/8/2016

Full Council


Res 31674: Relating to contracting indebtedness; confirming, ratifying and approving certain terms of the issuance and sale of The City of Seattle, Washington, Drainage and Wastewater System Improvement and Refunding Revenue Bonds.

Full Council 6/6/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public comment, Affordable housing, Donnie Chin International Children's Park, Parks and Recreation, 2008 Parks and Green Spaces Levy, Tenant protections, 2016 Budget, Ethics and Elections Commission, Hearing Examiner filing fees, Appointments to Seattle LGBT Commission.

Full Council 5/31/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public comment, Washington Hall, Seattle Public Utilities Utility Discount Program, City Light Utility Discount Program, Clean and safe electricity production.

Full Council 5/23/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public comment, City employment, Preschool Program, 2015 Budget, 2016 Budget, Funding from non-City sources, 2016 Budget, Appointments to Housing Authority Board of Commissioners, Park District Community Oversight Committee and Seattle Planning Commission, Capitol Hill Housing Improvement Program.

Full Council 5/16/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public comment, Greenwater Construction, Kubota East, Swedish Hospital Major Institution Master Plan, Land use and zoning, Appointment to Labor Standards Advisory Commission, Appointment to Community Police Commission.

Full Council 5/9/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public comment, Transportation Benefit District Public Hearing, Appointments to Chinatown-International District Preservation and Development Authority Council and International Special Review District Board, Kevin Cleary to rezone land, Land use and zoning, Appointments to Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board.

Full Council 5/3/2016

Full Council


Full council report and final vote on legislation: Res 31665 - relating to contracting indebtedness; confirming, ratifying and approving certain terms of the issuance and sale of The City of Seattle, Washington, Limited Tax General Obligation Improvement and Refunding Bonds, Res 31666 -  providing for the issuance and sale of The City of Seattle, Washington, Unlimited Tax General Obligation Improvement Bonds.

Full Council 5/2/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public comment, Low-income housing/2016 Housing Levy Renewal, General Rules and Procedures of the Seattle City Council, Petition of WSA Properties to vacate Occidental Avenue South for SoDo Arena, Directed Investigations, Appointments to Labor Standards Advisory and Seattle Arts Commission, Appointment to Pacific Hospital Preservation and Development Authority Governing Council.

Full Council 4/25/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public comment, Open-air tour vehicles, Legislative Department staff, Parking and Business Improvement Areas, Seattle Youth Commission, Appointments to Seattle Youth Commission, Appointments to Levy to Move Seattle Oversight Committee, Parks and Recreation, Appointments to Pioneer Square Preservation Board, Stonewall Inn as a National Monument.

Full Council 4/18/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public comment, Res. 31658, CB 118652: All-Gender Restroom Ordinance, Appointments to Labor Standards Advisory Commission.

Full Council 4/11/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public comment, Appointments to Board of Park Commissioners, Controls upon Fire Station No. 5, Pioneer Sand and Gravel Company Building, Appointments to Historic Seattle Preservation and Development Authority Council, Community Technology Advisory Board, Rezone of 2203 Eastlake Ave E, Land Use and Zoning, Fiber hut on NW 105th St, Appointments to Seattle School Traffic Safety Committee.

Full Council 4/4/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public comment, Housing and community development programs, Safe prescription drug disposal program.

Full Council 3/28/2016

Full Council


Agenda: Public comment, City Employment, Labor Standards Advisory Commission, Use of the public road in Snohomish County, Appointments to the Pioneer Square Preservation Board and Pike Place Market Historical Commission.