Full Council

Full Council
Full Council
Agenda: Public Comment, Grant funds from non-City sources, General street purposes 13 deeds, Property Use and Development Agreement, Accepting conditional gift of funds, Alignment, Station Location and Maintenance Base Location, Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority, King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, Port of Seattle conceptual approval, Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board Appt, Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board Appt, 2012 International Fire Code, 2012 International Residential Code, 2012 Existing International Building Code, Seattle Energy Code, 2012 International Building Code, Seattle Plumbing Code, 2012 International Mechanical Code, 2012 International Fuel Gas Code, City Light Department, Local Infrastructure Project Area, Land Use and Zoning, Urban Forest Stewardship Plan, Pilot Technical Advisory Group Appointment.

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Full Council 3/12/2018

Full Council


Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Appointments and Reappointments; CB 119204: Relating to City Investors XXV LLC; CB 119205: relating to grant funds from non-City sources; CB 119206: accepting 20 limited purpose easements; CB 119207: accepting various deeds for street or alley purposes; CB 119208: accepting various deeds for street or alley purposes; Appointments; Res 31803: affirming The City of Seattle's support of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students.

Full Council 3/5/2018

Full Council


Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CB 119185: relating to the Department of Parks and Recreation and property known as 3656 34th Avenue South; Appointments. 

Full Council 2/26/2018

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Res 31793: Resolution regarding a proposed liquefied natural gas facility in Tacoma; Res 31801: Resolution calling for review of current methods for collecting data on Native Communities.

Full Council 2/20/2018

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CF 314390: Relating to 2018 State of the City Address delivered by Mayor Jenny A. Durkan; CB 119194: Relating to land use and zoning of property located at 1600 Dexter Ave N; CF 314358: Relating to application of Brook V, LLC to rezone site located at 1600 Dexter Ave N; Res 31799: Resolution relating to ratifying the 2017 update to the Lake Washington/Cedar/Sammamish Watershed; Res 31800: Relating to Seattle Public Utilities (SPU); Appointments; CB 119195: Ordinance relating to City-owned real property located at 1933 Minor Avenue; CB 119196: Amending of Ordinance 125475, which adopted the 2018 Budget; Appointments. 

Full Council 2/12/2018

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CB 119176: Relating to Burke-Gilman Trail and Department of Parks and Recreation; CB 119186: Ordinance relating to the Seattle Center Department and the Office of Housing; Appointments; CB 119189: Ordinance relating to Swedish Health Services and operating and maintaining a pedestrian tunnel; CB 119190: Relating to Sound Transit and University Link, North Link, and East Link Projects; Res 31794: Relating to approving the Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan; Res 31797: Relating to North Block Spring Street Development LLC and First Hill neighborhood.

Full Council 2/5/2018

Full Council


Agenda:Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Appointment of Hearing Examiner; CB 119187: Relating to City Light Department; Appointments and reappointments to Burke-Gilman Place Preservation and Development Authority Council, Capitol Hill Housing Improvement Program Governing Council, Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee, and 2016 Housing Levy Oversight Committee; Res. 31795: Related to 2018 Adopted Budget; Res. 31796 Relating to Seattle City Council 2018 Work Program.

Full Council 1/29/2018

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Res 31793: opposing a proposed liquefied natural gas facility in Tacoma; Appointments to Seattle Music Commission; CB 119062: relating to historic preservation - Crescent-Hamm Building; CB 119182: relating to historic preservation - Pacific Architect and Builder Building; Appointments to Seattle Youth Commission.

Full Council 1/22/2018

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CB 119150: relating to Volunteer Park; CB 119146: relating to land use and zoning; Appointments to Seattle Center Advisory Commission; CB 119168: amending Ordinance 125429.

Full Council 1/16/2018

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CB 119177: relating to property in Plat of Yesler Terrace; CB 119179: relating to housing regulations; Appointments and reappointments; CB 119178: relating to the regulation of marijuana businesses; Res 31791: supporting The City of Seattle's proposal to be a host city for the 2026 Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup; Res 31792: relating to Seattle City Councilmembers participation in committees.   

Full Council 1/8/2018

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills.

Full Council 1/2/2018

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CB 119154: Relating to Pier 54, LLC; CB 119159: Relating to Lakefront Investors 2 LLC; Res 31773: Relating to racial equity and social justice ; Appt 00868: Appointment to Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board; Appt 00876: Appointment to Seattle Transit Advisory Board; CB 119169: Relating to Bruce Stotler property and Department of Parks and Recreation; CB 119140: Relating to Seattle Public Utilities; CB 119165: Relating to Seattle Public Utilities; CB 119166: Relating to Seattle Public Utilities memorandum of lease; CB 119167: Relating to Seattle Public Utilities and franchise agreement; Appt 00855: Appointment to Seattle Human Rights Commission; Appts 00857 and 00861: Appointments to Seattle Women's Commission; Appt 00881: Appointment to Seattle LGBTQ Commission; Appts 00880 and 00882: Reappointments to Seattle Commission for People with Disabilities; Appt 00870: Appointment to Pioneer Square Preservation Board; Appt 00873: Appointment to Urban Forestry Commission; Appt 00871: Reappointment to Seattle Indian Services Commission; Appt 00872: Reappointment to Pacific Hospital Preservation and Development Authority Governing Council.

Full Council 12/11/17

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CB 119160: relating to City Employment; CB 119161: Property Use and Development Agreement (PUDA); CB 119081:  relating to the regulation of short-term rental businesses; CB 119158: relating to funding for housing and community development programs; CB 119152: pertaining to the fund structure of the City Treasury; CB 119157:  acceptance of funding from non-City sources; CB 119156: 2017 budget; CB 119153: 2018 budget; Reappointments; CB 119162: relating to the City Light Department; CB 119163: relating to the City Light Department; Res 31765: relating to the City Light Department; Appointments to City Light Review Panel; CB 119049:  relating to the Department of Parks and Recreation - EarthCorps; CB 119145:  relating to employment in Seattle; CB 119151: relating to Sound Transit; CB 119155: relating to the State Route 99 Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seawall Replacement Program; CF 314309: Broad Street vacation; Res 31784: light rail alignment; Res 31788:  relating to Sound Transit extensions; Res 31786:  Request for Proposals (RFP) for Mercer Mega Block; Appointments to Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board.

Full Council 12/4/17

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CB 119082: relating to short-term rental uses; CF 314343: Application of West Seattle Church of Nazarene; CB 119147: relating to land use and zoning; Res 31787: The City of Seattle's 2018 State Legislative Agenda; CB 119144: relating to City employment; CB 119142:  relating to Seattle Public Utilities; CB 119141: relating to historic preservation; Appointment to Seattle Human Rights Commission; Appointments to Seattle Women's Commission; CB 119088: related to KeyArena.

Full Council 11/27/17

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CB 119138: relating to procedures for filling Council vacancies; Other resolutions: Res 31783 - Seattle AIDS Legacy Memorial.

Full Council 11/20/17

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Appointment and Oath of Office of Andrew Myerberg as Director of the Office of Police Accountability; Reappointments to the Community Police Commission; CB 119122: acceptance of funding from non-City sources; CB 119123: amending Ordinance 125207, which adopted the 2017 Budget; CF 314382: 2018 Proposed Budget; CF 314383: 2018-2023 Proposed Capital Improvement Program: CB 119111: regulatory business and professional license fees; CB 119112: pet adoption fees and other animal control fees; CB 119106: fees and charges for permits and activities of the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections; CB 119099: street and sidewalk use; CB 119108: 2018 fee schedule for the use of park properties;  CB 119102-3: drainage and wastewater system; CB 119109-10: contracting indebtedness;  CB 119101: solid waste system; CB 119104-5: electric system; CB 119100: solid waste system; CB 119135: financing of Equitable Development Implementation Plan project; CB 119132: financing of certain general government programs;  CB 119129:  financing of tax administration system improvements and regulatory licensing systems; CB 119134: Sweetened Beverage Tax; CB 119098: financing of the Mercer West project; CB 119113: retirement-savings program; CB 119107: Emergency Relocation Assistance Program; CB 119115: City Light Department pay provisions; CB 119120: Directors of the Office for Civil Rights; CB 119124: Seattle Department of Transportation's 2018 grant applications; CB 119136: decreasing militarization of police activities; CB 119128: Equitable Development Initiative; CB 119125: contracting by the Human Services Department; CB 119116: adopting a budget, including a capital improvement program and position modifications; CF 314384: City Council Changes to the 2018 Proposed Budget and the 2018-2023 Proposed Capital Improvement Program; CB 119117-8: levy of property taxes, Other resolutions: Res 31781 and Res 31782.

Full Council 11/13/17

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills, CB 119126: relating to City employment - Seattle Police Management Association collective bargaining agreement; CB 119081: relating to regulation of short-term rentals (deferred); CB 119083: relating to short-term rental tax; Res 31760: Strategic Business Plan Update for Seattle Public Utilities; CB 119075: wastewater and drainage services of Seattle Public Utilities; CB 119050: relating to rates and charges for water services of Seattle Public Utilities; CB 119051: relating to water services of Seattle Public Utilities.

Full Council 11/6/17

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills, CB 119126: relating to City employment - Seattle Police Management Association collective bargaining agreement (held until 11/13/17).

Full Council 10/30/17

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills, CF 314342: Full unit lot subdivision application of Views at Queen Anne, LLC; CB 119119: approving and confirming the plat of "Views on South Queen Anne."

Full Council 10/23/17

Full Council


Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; Res 31780: street vacations; Reappointment of David G. Jones as City Auditor.

Full Council 10/16/17

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, Payment of Bills, CF 314381: Corrected Clerk File.

Full Council 10/9/17

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, Payment of Bills, CF 314325: Application of Martin Squared, LLC to rezone, CB 119091: rezone property located at 1106 34th Ave.

Full Council Special Meeting - 10/6/17

Agenda: Selection of Candidate for City Council Position 8.

Full Council Special Meeting - Executive Session 10/5/17

Agenda: Executive Session to Evaluate the Qualifications of Candidates for Appointment to Elective Office (to fill the vacancy in City Council Position 8 previously held by Mayor Tim Burgess).*

*Please note that Executive Sessions are closed to the public.

Full Council Special Meeting - Public Hearing - 10/4/17

Seattle City Council Public Hearing on Vacancy of Council Position 8. Agenda: Presentations by City Council Position 8 applicants, Public Hearing.

Full Council 10/2/17

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Res 31779: support of immigrant communities; Res 31775: strengthening public safety; CB 119093: Aurora-Licton Urban Village; CB 119092: the St. Martin de Porres shelter for homeless men; CB 119027: Seattle Comprehensive Plan amendments; CB 119057: Design Review program; CB 119055: rezone land in the Uptown area; Res 31772: Uptown Urban Design Framework; Res 31766: Arts & Cultural District in the Uptown neighborhood; CB 119090: WaveDivision Cable Franchise; CB 119079: Maple Leaf radio-transmitter facility; Appointment.