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Human Services Director Tanya Kim is a bold champion for those in need
Meet Tanya Kim, Director of the Seattle Human Services Department

Tanya Kim is the new director of the Seattle Human Services Department (HSD), whose mission is to support people in times of need. Director Kim has been a bold champion for Seattle youth and their families for nearly three decades. She was appointed acting director of HSD in 2021 and confirmed by City Council in 2023. Before her appointment, Director Kim served as HSD’s deputy director and in multiple leadership roles in HSD and the Seattle City Council. Before joining the City of Seattle, she worked at community-based organizations in both direct service and executive-level positions.

Director Kim and HSD are responsible for stewarding the City’s $300+ million of safety net investments to communities in need, emphasizing BIPOC populations. To do this, HSD invests in community organizations and programs that support strong and healthy communities; bring together leaders from various sectors and communities to engage in dialogue, share best practices, and develop solutions to complex human service challenges; and serve the community through programs and services. HSD works to invest in strategies, programs, and services that work for the community, promote innovation in service delivery, advance racial equity, and steward public dollars through its four divisions: Aging and Disability Services, Leadership and Administrative Division, Safe and Thriving Communities, and Youth and Family Empowerment.

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