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Rev. Ben McBride with Marcus Harrison Green: Radical Belonging
Rev. Ben McBride with Marcus Harrison Green: Radical Belonging

What if the revolution isn’t about what we need to do, but who we need to become to create a world where everyone truly belongs?

Activist and speaker Rev. Ben McBride knows what it’s like to wade into conflict in order to stir up the truth. From the Kill Zone in Oakland, where he moved with his young family, to the uprising in Ferguson, to the moral impoverishment of the white evangelical church, he’s confronted the injustices that threaten to drown us all.

McBride shares his insight on navigating murky, confusing, and even dangerous times in his new book "Troubling the Water." In the truth-telling tradition of Bryan Stevenson and Bishop William Barber, he offers a steady, guiding voice along the path to genuine healing. As inequalities weaken our lives, well-meaning people may ask: What do I need to do to create a world where all can belong? But McBride asserts that instead, we need to ask: Who do I need to become?

Seattle journalist Marcus Harrison Green joins Rev. McBride onstage to discuss how we can navigate the challenging waters of our society together and create a more just and inclusive world.

Presented by Town Hall Seattle and the Seattle Office for Civil Rights.

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