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City Council 5/9/23
City Council 5/9/23

Agenda: Call to Order, Roll Call, Presentations; Public Comment; Adoption of the Introduction and Referral Calendar, Approval of the Agenda, Approval of the Consent Calendar; CB 120554: Relating to historic preservation of The Fairfax; CB 120555: Relating to historic preservation of the University of Washington Faculty Club; CB 120548: Relating to FAS and acquisition of Bakun Building; CB 120559: Relating to taxation of properties under King County Public Benefit Rating System; CB 120549: Relating to criminal code and Obstructing a Public Officer to include obstructing firefighters and fire department personnel; CB 120543: Relating to SeaPort Midstream Partners, LLC and operation of a pipeline system; CB 120544: Relating to Qwest Corporation and maintenance of downtown utility tunnel; CF 314517: Relating to City Investors IV, LLC and alley in Block 89; Items Removed from Consent Calendar; Other resolutions; Other Business; Adjournment.

Community Stories: We Hereby Refuse: The Akutsu Family Resists

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