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Transportation & Seattle Public Utilities Committee 5/17/22
Transportation & Seattle Public Utilities Committee 5/17/22

Pursuant to Washington State Governor's Proclamation No. 20-28.15 and Senate Concurrent Resolution 8402, this public meeting will be held remotely. Meeting participation is limited to access by the telephone number provided on the meeting agenda, and the meeting is accessible via telephone and Seattle Channel online. 

Agenda: Call to Order; Approval of the Agenda; Public Comment; CB 120300: granting permission to 2001 Sixth L.L.C. for a utility tunnel; CB 120301: granting King County permission for two pedestrian tunnels; CB 120302: granting Swedish Health Services permission for Cherry Street pedestrian skybridge; Res 32053; granting conceptual approval to Dunn Lumber Company for a private communication conduit; Seattle Public Utilities 2021 Audit Report; Seattle Public Utilities Race and Social Justice Initiative Report.

Community Stories: We Hereby Refuse: The Akutsu Family Resists

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