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City Council 3/2/20
City Council 3/2/20

Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Reappointment of Nathan G. Torgelson as Director, Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections; CB 119749: relating to historic preservation - UW Eagleson Hall; CB 119748: relating to historic preservation - Sunset Telephone and Telegraph Exchange; Appointments to Landmarks Preservation Board; CF 314434: Application of BarrientosRyan LLC to rezone; CB 119750: relating to land use and zoning; Appointments and Reappointments to Community Police Commission; Res 31935: adopting the Seattle City Council 2020 Work Program; Res 31936: adopting the Statements of Legislative Intent - Budget and Capital Improvement Program. 

Community Stories: We Hereby Refuse: The Akutsu Family Resists

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