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City Council 8/12/19
City Council 8/12/19

Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CB 119551: related to creating a fund for Sweetened Beverage Tax revenues; Res 31897: calling for an end to the U.S. government's economic, commercial, and financial embargo against Cuba; Res 31893: relating to taxation; CB 119590: relating to taxation; CB 119602: financing of the Center City Streetcar Connector; Res 31895: Green New Deal for Seattle; Appointment to Levy to Move Seattle Oversight Committee; Res 31896: Comprehensive Plan Amendments;  CB 119594: interpretations, corrections, and revisions of the Seattle Municipal Code; CB 119595: relating to the Technology Matching Fund; CB 119599: Cascade Public Media's Capitol Hill transmission site; CB 119572: amending Ordinance 125493 - 2018 Budget; CB 119574: acceptance of funds from non-City sources; CB 119575: amending Ordinance 125724 - 2019 Budget; CB 119576: amending Ordinance 125724 - 2019 Budget; CB 119573: amending Ordinance 125724 - 2019 Budget.

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